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Recent Customization Projects

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Covert Airline Portable Encrypted Network Communication System



A local airline had been recommended to contact me regarding design and building prototypes of an encrypted network communication system.  The components had to fit within a carry-on sized roll-aboard case, based on the SKB 1SKB-iSF2U case.  The completed system had to be covert and within A/C cabin carry-on weight limits.

When deployed, the system had to connected to the company intranet within minutes simultaneously via two WiFi, two LTE and one GPS antennas.  Using existing suppliers, I provided custom length/terminated power and comm cables, custom comm/data components, surge protection and an updated custom MIMO antenna.  The unit met IP67 and MIL-SPEC 810 cert.


The completed case met and exceeded the customers expectations.  The customer continues to order these through Bauer Cases.    

airline case_edited.png
Space Needle Upgrade
for Restaurant Turntable



Built in 1962, the Space Needle has become the symbol of Seattle and one of the most recognizable structures in the world at 605 feet tall. 

In 2013, the revolving restaurant on top of the Space Needle required updating the outdated technology in order to run smoothly.  The teams goal was simple:  To eliminate any noise and vibration.  This all needed to be completed within a five day span of time that the restaurant would be closed for yearly maintenance.  Any mistakes that would delay the reopening of the restaurant would make front page news.  There was a lot of pressure to make this project a success.

The major problem was that the two existing drives were fighting to share the load; one was lagging and the other was leading.  The two gear boxes were constantly adjusting according to the inputs from the motor which were underpowered to perform the task at hand.  This created a slight roughness to the ride that was noticeable to the diners and management.  The new motors were equipped with encoders feeding the drives in a master / slave configuration.  The final result was a smooth and quiet ride as the restaurant completed its revolution every 47 minutes.  Success!

airline case side_edited.png
Cruise Ship Boarding Station Access Control Cases for Holland America



Holland America Cruise Lines needed to have a customized case created that could be transported easily for ease in the boarding process.  The cases needed to have the ability to assist in processing passenger boarding in a timely manner.  For this the case needed to have a computer, webcam, mini printer and passport scanner.  It also needed to have a surge protection and be adaptable for the various power supplies in ports worldwide.  Heat mitigation and cable management were additional issues that were successfully addressed. 

cruise ship case closed_edited_edited.jpg
cruise ship case_edited.png
cruise ship 2_edited.png
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