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Manufacturers Represented

Industrial Computer Platforms

Designed, manufactured and supported in the United States.  Industrial ANDON systems, HAZ-LOC (Class1 Div 2) displays and workstations.  NEMA 4X IP66 touchscreens, Cleanroom monitors.  Fanless designs.  Super Cap UPS, ICS -Defender industrial control security systems. 

Injection Molded Specialty Cases

Manufactured in the United States with customized CAD designed, CNC waterjet profiled foam inserts and assembled to protect your most critical products.

Customizable Motion Control & Fractional HP Motors 

Providing application engineered specialty fractional-horsepower motor and motion control products.  Our motion systems power critical components of some of the worlds most innovative products in medical equipment, robotics, industrial automation, agriculture and lab equipment.

Specialized Wire and Cable

Specializing in the manufacture of custom wire & cable for use in the industrial (i.e., IMSA, etc.) and commercial markets.  We can private label and provide ML file options.  Certifications for many international agencies. 

Waldmann Lighting

Providing LED industrial lighting for CNC, drilling, milling machines as well as lighting for work benches, assembly lines and task.

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DYNICS Industrial PC's 

Established in 1997, DYNICS has 20+ years of creating quality industrial hardware for the industrial marketplace by designing, building and servicing customized systems from its headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  From the smallest industrial fanless modules to larger industrial ANDON displays  and industrial cybersecurity products, we offer complete systems.   We believe that, "Great products start with great engineering."  DYNICS products are proudly MADE IN AMERICA.




Bauer Cases

Since 1993, Bauer Cases has been a leading Master Distributor of SKB, Pelican and other case manufacturers.  Bauer Cases had been serving major corporations (i.e., Boeing, Intel, etc.) to small businesses by providing customized cases and case inserts to provide protection for their most delicate and valuable items from shipping and handling damage.

Bauer's manufacturing facilities include state-of-the-art waterjet and die press equipment, inhouse CAD engineering and final product assembly and continued technical support.  We also have COTS and JIT inventory of the most popular case sizes.

Products include a wide range of injection-molded plastic, fabricated aluminum and FRP cases.  Also available are soft sided nylon cases and ba





ElectroCraft, Inc.

is a global provider of dependable, application-engineered fractional horsepower motor and motion products. 


Our products are found in thousands of different applications within industrial, commercial and consumer product markets.  While ElectroCraft provides a wide array of standard products with many configurable options, we have built our brand on custom OEM solutions that meet the precise performance, cost and quality our customers require. 


For OEM customers who are unsatisfied with having to design around inflexible off-the-shelf products, our technical knowledge snd customisable product families provide for a design experience which results in motor and motion systems that provide superior reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost.

James Monroe Wire & Cable 

The James Monroe Corporation, as a privately held company, has designed, manufactured and produced electronic / electrical and cable products for over thirty-five years.  Each team member has a stake in the company's success through it's ESOP program. JM continues to invest in improvements in inventory tracking, manufacturing and storage capacity. We manufacture for the Commercial, Industrial, Energy and Specialty Military markets. From 2.5MW wind turbines to large solar array to extremely abrasive resistant control able, we cover the market in specialty cable.

Waldmann Lighting

The importance of high quality, robust machine tool and task lighting cannot be overstated.  For OEM's and MTO's of machining centers, high quality LED lighting during production of precision components provides operators and end-users the ability to monitor the entire process.  For assembly, QA/QC inspection, cleanroom applications are necessary for effective workspaces.  Since 1928, companies have relied on Waldmann for the best in machine tool and task lighting.

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