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​MK Engineered Sales is a manufacturers' representative firm based in the state of Washington with a broad range of products serving the industrial manufacturing market. 


Our products are utilized by companies recognized as leaders in a wide variety of fields including aerospace, automation controls, robotics, automotive machine tool manufacturers, oil, gas and shipping industries. 


Our clients turn to us for solutions to challenging industrial applications, advancing operator safety and improving machine efficiency.  

We'd appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. 

Nulla tenaci invia est via !



MK Engineered Sales was started in 2021 by Michael Kovaly.  Mike has over twenty years’ experience in the wholesale industrial electrical industry, starting with Platt Electric Supply and most recently, Industrial Controls Supply. Recruited into the electrical industry, he was the regional sales manager for Yale Security Group.  He’s had the good fortune to work with a cross section of great people and on exciting projects, supported by valued inside sales and engineering staff.   The companies that he has been asked to represent are the result of his relationships, product knowledge and applications, developed over many years.


Mike has worked with and supplied products to customers such as Boeing, Blue Origin, Amazon R&D, Systems Interface, Anderson Controls, Rottler Manufacturing and many others.


Bauer Cases

Dynics Industrial Computers


(Partnering with Rocky Mountain MotorReps)

James Monroe Wire & Cable

Waldmann Lighting

Previous projects 



  • Seattle Space Needle Turntable motors and VFD Upgrade

  • Medical Instrumentation Cases

  • Boeing 737 engine assembly skates

  • Boeing custom cases and inserts for various projects

  • Custom cases for large military drones

  • Custom MIMO Antenna

  • Covert portable cases for encrypted network communications system for a major airline

  • Custom power cable developed and produced with extreme abrasion resistance, with UL Multiple Listing file. 

  • Rocket engine transport covers

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